Hi I'm Rie.

I am a flamenco dancer who fell in love with this little white charming dog.
I was born in Tokyo and all my life has been with dogs. After I graduated from USC (University of Southern California), I came to Spain to learn more about flamenco dance.
There I met my first coton and husband. Since then, I am living in the suburb of Barcelona with them.

Hi I'm Miquel.

I am a filmmaker who is helping and driving everywhere to attend shows.
I was born in Barcelona and I never have a dog until I met Rie and cotons. I always wanted to have a dog though.
Now I am very happy living with cotons!

Our first Coton de Tulear, Nofy, came to our lives a some years ago, and the moment we laid eyes on him we knew that he would not be our last Coton.
Soon later, Fiti joined us. And then, Fanny came from France and Dudu came from Denmark.
Sure enough our Coton family started to grow....

Flamencoton Breeding Philosophy:

At Flamencoton, we occasionally bring puppies into the world as a passionate hobby rather than a business. We only breed to produce show-dogs. We don't do any pet breeding for commercial purpose. We are working on breeding Cotons seriously, and has received hight evaluation from around the world. But not all puppies will be grown up as show-dogs. Therefore, we are able to provide a puppy that has the same pedigree as the finest show-dog to a family (pet home) as a companion dog at the lower price.
We care about the future well being of our puppies, so placement is reserved for qualified home situations. (Coton is a companion dog, so if you are out of the house for many hours during the day, the Coton de Tulear is not the dog for you.)
Our focus is to produce Coton puppies with a loving nature, robust health, and a charming appearance. Therefore mates are selected for their friendly temperament and beauty.

All our dogs are tested for good health prior to breeding.
These health tests include:

  • Eye examinations for PRA and Cataract
  • Patellar luxation
  • Heart function
  • DNA-tests for DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) - VetGen
  • DNA-tests for HU (Hyperuricosuria) - VetGen
  • DNA-tests for PH1 (Primary Hyperoxaluria) - VetGen
  • DNA-tests for BNAt (Bandera's Neonatal Ataxia) - Antagene
  • DNA-tests for VWD1 (Type 1 von Willebrand's Disease) - Antagene
  • DNA-tests for CMR2 (Canine Multi-focal Retinopathy) - OptiGen

We would like to keep in touch with our puppy buyers.
We are happy to see the pictures and/or hear the news of our puppies as they grow up, and also would like to help with any questions you may have regarding our puppies. If you are interested in showing our puppies in dogshows, we are willing to help you, too!
Please feel free to e-mail or phone us.

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