New male - 12/17/2010

We are proudly introducing our new stud dog, Flamencoton Buffalo. He becomes 2 years old today. He is from our B-litter, a son of Ch. Duende Flamenco and Ch. Brittany. He will be seen at show rings worldwide in 2011!




New Spanish Champion - 10/20/2010

Flamencoton Alma got her last CAC at the National Show in Madrid and now she is the Spanish Champion. She finished the Champion title only in 10 months since she has started her show carrer in January 2010. She is a daughter of Ch. Jespersen's Duende Flamenco and Ch. Fitiavana of Woodland Cottage.




Our puppies have left - 10/11/2010

Our puppies from C-Litter have left us to their new homes. It's so nice that all the new owners could manage the trip to Barcelona to pick up their puppies. Thanks Lotta, Katarzyna, and Charlotte. It was pleasure to meet you all!!! We hope the puppies will have a happy life and a successful show career.




Dudu did it again! - 10/3/2010

We have showed Duende Flamenco and his daughter Alma at the National show in Madrid. Dudu did it again! He won BOB and Best In Group!!! Flamencoton Alma was the best female with CAC, and she finished her Spanish Champion title.





International Show in Pamplona - 9/13/2010

We were at the International Show in Pamplona last weekend. Our boy, Jespersen's Duende Flamenco, has finished his Spanish Champion title with Best In Group, and Best In Show 3rd!!!







Show in Vejen, Denmark - 8/15/2010

Flamencoton Bahiya was shown at the International DKK-Show in Vejen, Denmark. There were 55 cotons entered in this outdoor dog show. Bahiya won Best of Breed with CACIB, just after her BOB at the Club Show in Greena three weeks ago. Big kisses to Bahiya and Brigitte!





Puppy picture - 7/25/2010

We have received a mail from the American Coton Club, telling us that one of our puppy photos was chosen above hundreds of others to be used on their new web site. We invite you to visit the ACC web site and see our puppies displayed on some of their banners.

These puppies are from our last litters born on Dec. 2008, from the mother Ch. Brittany and the father Ch. Duende Flamenco. The girl in the center is our famous "Bahiya", JWW 2009 & WW 2010.

Brittany is now expecting puppies within 10 days.


ACC banner - Flamencoton puppies



Brittany (before & on the day of show)




World Champion, "Flamencoton Bahiya" - 6/26/2010

It has been a successful day for Flamencoton at the World Dog Show in Herning, Denmark. Two of the best females are the dogs from our kennel. It was the biggest show ever. Over 150 Cotons from around the world entered into this year's show.


She did it again! Junior World Winner 2009 Flamencoton Bahiya, was shown in the Intermediate class, and won the Best Female, CAC, CACIB, and became the World Winner 2010!!! She is only 17 months old. She is now the Danish champion as well.


The other girl was our "Kiwi"! Danish and Norwegian Ch. Flamencoton Andalucia won the Best Female in the Champion class. We would like to thank you to all our friends for their warm supports, and the owners of these lovely girls for their dedications, and the judge for making this happened.






Andalucia "Kiwi"


Brigitte, Rie, Dorthe




Best In Show - 6/1/2010

It has been a really great show weekend for us. The Flamencoton girls were shown at the two-day National show in Vejen, Denmark. There were 54 cotons entered on Sat. and 47 cotons on Sun.

JWW 09 Flamencoton Bahiya won Best Female and Best of Breed both Saturday and Sunday. Second Best Female of all cotons was Flamencoton Andalucia both days, and got Club certificate. And on Sunday, Bahiya was placed 1st in Best In Show!!! We are so happy to hear this wonderful news and proud of our girls.





New International Champion - 5/30/2010

We have been in Italy showing our Fanny at the International show in Torino. She won Best Female and Best of Breed with her last CACIB for the International Champion title. She is the mother of Flamencoton Bahiya and hopefully will be a mother again this Summer.






New Norwegian Champion - 5/9/2010

Danish Ch. Flamencoton Andalucia (aka Kiwi) was shown at the International show in Kristianssand and got the certificate and now she is the Champion of Norway as well. She soon will be 2 years old. Way to go, Kiwi!

She will be entered to the World Dog Show 2010 together with Flamencoton Bahiya and Flamencoton Amore Jasmin and we are really looking forward to see them there next month.





Wonderful Show Weekend - 3/22/2010

It was a successful show weekend for Flamencotons. Flamencoton Andalucia "Kiwi" won Best of Breed at the Malmo International show in Sweden on Saturday, and on Sunday, she won Best Female and got Club Certificate at the KSS show in Denmark. She was shown nicely by her owner/handler. Thanks Dorthe, well done!

Kiwi's sister, Flamencoton Alma, was shown at the Girona International show in Spain on Saturday. Alma won Best Female with CAC and CACIB.



Andalucia "Kiwi"






Championship Show in Granada- 2/21/2010

Our dogs are shown at the Spanish Championship show in Granada. Our male Duende Flamenco won the best male, Best of Breed, and was placed Best in Group 1st! This was his second show this year and he has continued to win the groups. His daughter Flamencoton Alma (the mother BIS Multi Ch Fitiavana) won the best female and got CAC and CACIB. She is now 20 months old. It was a very nice show.


Duende Flamenco (Photos; Dogshow Magazine)





Big day for Dudu - 1/24/2010

We have been to the French show with our boy Duende Flamenco and it was a wonderful day for us. Dudu won BOB and he was placed 2nd in Best In Group at the International Show in Montpellier.




Letter from Bahiya - 1/1/2010

We have received a letter from Flamencoton Bahiya. She is now visiting the South coast of Spain with her friends and mom to spend the winter holidays. She is enjoying her vacation in Costa del Sol; walking around the Spanish old towns and the warm weather. Soon she will go back to Denmark to continue her show career. Thanks Bahiya for your greeting letter. We wish you the 2010 will be as successful as the last year and hope to see you in the World dog show!




Danish Champion, "Flamencoton Andalucia" - 11/30/2009

Flamencoton Andalucia (aka Kiwi) was shown at the show in Nyborg and got her last certificate and became the Champion of Denmark. She is now 18 months old. Congratulations to Kiwi and her owner Dorthe!



New Spanish Champion - 10/31/2009

Fanny has got her last CAC at the Championship show in Badajoz and now she became the Champion of Spain. She is the mother of Flamencoton Bahiya, the JWW 2009.

Her son, Flamencoton Bolero, was also shown by his owner at the show and won the Best Junior.



Junior World Champion, "Flamencoton Bahiya" - 10/10/2009

Flamencoton Bahiya was shown at the World Dog Show in Bratislava and she became the Junior World Winner 2009 and also the BOB Junior! She is only 9 months old. There were 100 cotons entered from all around the world. Bahiya has received a great review. Thank you so much to her owner Brigitte for taking such a great care and showing her at the WDS.




Judgement: Vija Klucniece
Feminin, scissorbite, excellent head, beautiful eyes, excellent ears, excellent neck, excellent topline, beautiful coat, excellent cotton quality and elastic, excellent movement.



Show in Saeby, Denmark - 9/5/2009

Flamencoton Andalucia aka Kiwi was shown at the DKK Skue Show in Saeby on Sep. 5, and she won Best Female, Best of Breed and was placed Best In Group 1st! She has just turned to 15 months old and it was her first show entering to an Intermediate class. Thank you Dorthe for showing her and taking such a good care. She also has got a nice critique.



Judgement: Kristine Nordmark
Fine well proportioned head with well set ears, fine pigmentation. Fine neck, well placed shoulders, fine back line, well set tail, fine angulations, wonderful coat, moves freely, healthy and typical for the breed. Very well presented.



Successful show weekend - 7/26/2009

We've got the great results of Flamencoton dogs from the three-day-shows in Grenaa, Denmark (50 to 60 cotons were shown each day).


Flamencoton Bahiya did it again! She won the Best Puppy on all three days, and won the Best In Show 1st!!! She walked like a dream with her owner. Bahiya got the wonderful reviews and the great show-debut.




Flamencoton Andalucia was shown by her owner/handler in the junior class. She won the Best Junior in the third day and got her 4th certificate. She is now 14 months old.



Andalucia (Kiwi)




Show in Vadum, Denmark - 5/30/2009

We've got the great news from Denmark. At the DKK Skue Show in Vadum, Flamencoton Bahiya won the Best Puppy and was placed 2nd in Best In Show! She was groomed and handled nicely by her owner, Brigitte from Jespersen's kennel. Bahiya has got the wonderful critique. She is only 5 months old, and it is a great start for her show carrer. Way to go, Bahiya!


Judgement: Jens Martin, DK
Barely 6 months old bitch of excellent type and quality, lovely head with a wonderful expression and correct bite, beautiful neck, well angulated front and back, well-developped body for the age, already moves steadily and flowing, beautiful coat, lovely temperament.



Spring International Championship Show- 5/24/2009

Flamencoton Bolero from our last litter was shown for the first time at the International Spanish Championship Show in Talavera. He is now 5 months old and he won the Best Puppy! Thank you to his owner, Pablo for handling him so nice and taking good care on him!





New pictures of Aslan, Jasmin, and Kiwi - 5/22/2009

We have received new photos of Flamencoton Aslan, Flamencoton Amore Jasmin, and Flamencoton Andalucia from their families in Denmark. They are all from the same litter (Fitiavana x Duende Flamenco), and now they become one year old. We thank their owners for these lovely pictures!





Amore Jasmin


Andalucia (Kiwi)



KSS Show in Vejen, Denmark - 5/17/2009

It was a wonderful show weekend for Kiwi and Dorthe. They did it again! At the KSS show in Vejen, Flamencoton Andalucia (Kiwi) won the Best Junior, got her third certificate, and was placed Res. Best In Show! Kiwi is the daughter of BIS Multi Ch Fitiavana and Duende Flamenco. She is living at Glerup kennel in Denmark. Way to go, Kiwi!




International Show in Aalborg, Denmark - 5/2/2009

Flamencoton Andalucia aka Kiwi did it again! She won the Best Junior, BOS 2nd, got her second certificate and qualified to Crufts 2010 in England. There were 53 cotons (23 females) entered at this International show in Aalborg. Thank you Dorthe for taking such a wonderful care on Kiwi, and keep up with the good work!



Show in Hedensted, Denmark - 4/19/2009

Flamencoton Andalucia aka Kiwi (owned by Glerup kennel) was shown at the National show in Hedensted, Denmark (32 cotons entered). She won the Best Junior, BOS 2nd, and got her first Certificate. Flamencoton Bahiya (owned by Jespersen kennel) also was shown there. It was her first show, and she was placed 2nd in her baby class. She is only 4 month old now.


Andalucia (Kiwi)






Flamencoton Bahiya - 3/14/2009

We have received photos of Flamencoton Bahiya from Denmark. She is now living with Brigitte and Karsten at Kennel Jespersen. Bahiya is a daughter of Jespersen's Duende Flamenco and Brittany du Domaine de la Rouviere. We all hope she will become a nice showdog! Thank you Brigitte for the wonderful pictures!




New pictures of Flamencoton Andalucia - 3/6/2009

We have gotten new pictures of Kiwi. She is now 9 and 1/2 months old. Kiwi is living in Denmark at Kennel Glerup's. She is a daughter of Duende Flamenco and Fitiavana.

See more pictures in Album's page: Flamencoton Around the World.




Flamencoton Aslan - 3/6/2009

We have received new photos of Aslan from the Weinreich family in Denmark. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. He is enjoying a happy life with the family!




Show in Frederica, Denmark - 2/14/2009

Flamencoton Andalucia aka Kiwi (owned by Glerup kennel) was shown at the International show in Frederica, Denmark (53 cotons entered). She won the best female in puppy class. She is 9 months old now and is ready for junior class. Thank you Dorthe for the good news!


Judgement: Helle Dan PĂ„lson DK
Pleasant well proportioned feminine head with good expression, fine neck and shoulders for her age, well filled body, strength convex back, well carried tail standing and walking. Moves lively and is wonderfully lead, good coat quality and good temperament.




New pictures of the puppies - 1/20/2009

The puppies from our "Litter B" became one month old. They are now starting to walk and play each other.

More pictures in Puppies' Page.




New pictures of the litter - 12/26/2008

Our puppies are now one week old. They have been growing up as beautiful as the puppies from our last litter. This litter is very nice for show-breeding. New pictures in the Puppies Page.



Christmas puppies have arrived! - 12/19/2008

New litter was born December 17th 2008. Brittany (Fanny) gave birth to four beautiful babies, three boys and one little girl. All white. The proud father of the litter is Duende Flamenco.




Show in Spain - 11/09/2008

Flamencoton Alma (co-owned by Mai Nagata) won the BOB puppy at the show in Barcelona, Spain. She is now 5 months old and the daughter of Dudu and Fiti.


New picture of Kiwi - 11/09/2008

We have received a new picture of Flamencoton Andalucia aka Kiwi (sister of Alma) from her owner. She has already started her show career and will be shown next year. Thank you Dorthe for taking such a good care on her.




Brittany du Domaine de la Rouviere has been mated with Jespersen's Duende Flamenco - 10/26/2008

It will be Fanny's first litter. We hope her puppies will be as wonderful as our last litter. Puppies are expected to be born on Christmas! Now we are accepting the reservations.
More details in Puppies' Page.

Duende Flamenco          Brittany
Jespersens Duende Flamenco & Brittany du Domaine de la Rouviere



Euro Dog Show in Budapest - 10/05/2008

Dudu has received Excellent 1st, CAC and won the 1st place in the Intermediate class at the European Dog show in Budapest, Hungary.

Duende Flamenco

Show in Denmark - 9/29/2008

Flamencoton Andalucia aka Kiwi (owned by Kennel Glerup) from our last litter won the BOB puppy at the show in Denmark. Good work, Dorthe!

Flamencoton Andalucia



Flamencoton Amore Jasmin - 8/20/2008

We have received the new pictures of Amore Jasmin from her parents in Denmark. Thank you Gitte and Kjeld for wonderful pictures!
More pictures in Album's Page.

Flamencoton Amore Jasmin

Video of Fiti-Dudu Puppies - 8/10/2008

Now our last litter's video is available to watch! The puppies were 8 weeks old in the video.
View the video in Puppies' Page.

Flamencoton Amore Jasmin

New pictures of Fiti-Dudu Puppies - 8/10/2008

We have gotten new pictures of Aslan and Andalucia, now named Kiwi, from Denmark. They both are from the litter of Fiti and Dudu. Aslan (left) is now living with the family in Stovring. Kiwi (right) is living at Glerup Kennel and already has started the show trainning. Thank you Bo and Dorthe for sending us the lovely pictures.
More pictures in Album's Page.

Flamencoton AslanFlamencoton Andalucia

Trip to Denmark - 7/27/2008

I had a great time in Denmark with Brigitte and Karsten from the kennel Jespersen. They came to the airport to pick me up, and invited me to their home. Thank you very much to both of you for the wonderful evening.

Our puppies are leaving - 7/27/2008

Our puppies are now 9 weeks in age and they are leaving to their new homes. Three girls and one boy will be showdogs.

Flamencoton Puppies

New pictures of puppies - 6/15/2008

Puppies are now three weeks old. All of them have outstanding heads and nice pigmentation. All puppies are already reserved.
More pictures in Puppies' Page.

New pictures of puppies - 5/30/2008

Puppies are now one week old. They are healthy and have been growing up wonderfully. This litter is very nice for show-breeding.

Puppies were born! - 5/22/2008

Fitiavana has given birth to 5 beautiful all white puppies. 2 boys and 3 girls. Both parents, Fiti and Dudu, are very proud of them.

BIS Multi CH Fitiavana of Woodland Cottage has mated with Jespersen's Duende Flamenco - 3/21/2008

This will be both Fiti and Dudu's first litter. We are really looking forward for this outstanding combination. Puppies are expected to be born in the end of May!
More details in Puppies' Page.

Duende FlamencoFitiavana
Jespersens Duende Flamenco & BIS Multi CH Fitiavana of Woodland Cottage

Health Clearance - 3/17/2008

Fiti and Dudu have examined for patellas and hearts. Both are healthy with great results.

The Best Coton de Tulear 2007

Our Fiti has selected the most winning Coton de Tulear in Spain 2007. She won many Group placements and won Best In Show at the International show in Murcia 2006.
Fiti also was placed the top 50 showdogs of all breeds 2007.

Fitiavana BIS Murcia

We would like to thank you to all our friends for their warm supports and the judges for making this happened!